Move out

  • Assistance in moving out of the apartment or house
  • Support with notice of departure
  • Support with notice of insurance

Assistance in Moving out of the Apartment or House

  • Together with the customer the move out process and procedures are discussed in detail with the customers.
  • Viscaria Leemann & Partner organizes the cleaning of the apartment/house by choosing the most compelling offer from the different cleaning companies.
  • The handing-over of the apartment/house takes place through Viscaria Leemann & Partner, the customer and the landlord.

Support with Notice of Departure

  • Accompaniment to the local authority for the notice of departure.
  • Handing-in of the notice for the telephone, the TV and radio as well as electricity and water.
  • Organisation of the reimbursement of the security deposit or bank guarantee.

Support with Notice of Insurance

  • Support with the handing-in of the notice for the insurance.
  • In case of possible damage done during the rental, the customer is supported by Viscaria Leemann & Partner

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