Move in

  • Organisation of the house hunting-tour (apartments/houses)
  • Finding suitable schools
  • Assistance in moving in the apartment or house
  • Support during the registration of the local authority, telephone, radio and TV, EW, etc.
  • Support during the registration of the insurance
  • Providing information about the "Swiss culture"
  • Helpline

House Hunting

  • Viscaria Leemann & Partner tries to understand from its customers their needs and wants regarding the ideal type of housing (perfect home). Viscaria Leemann & Partner arranges then a house hunting tour.
  • Due to numerous relationships with different housing administrations, knowledge of internet sites, local, regional and national newspapers, and most importantly contacts made through years of experience, Viscaria Leemann & Partner has proven to be a successful house hunter.
  • Viscaria Leemann & Partner also fills in application forms, negotiates with different real estate companies and checks the lease contract for its customers.

Finding schools

  • Viscaria Leemann & Partner finds suitable schools, checks their registration availability, makes appointments and accompanies its customers to these schools.

Assistance in moving in the apartment or house

  • Viscaria Leeman & Partner organises removal companies and assists in moving in the house/apartments.

Support during the registration process

  • Accompaniment to the local authority
  • Telephone registration with Swisscom
  • Radio and television registration with Billag
  • Water and electricity registration

Support during Insurance Registration

  • The customer receives all necessary documents and information about the corresponding insurance.
  • The customer is free to make an appointment with the person in charge of their insurance at any time he wishes.

Information on Swiss culture

  • Viscaria Leemann & Partner provides comprehensive information about Switzerland and in particular about Zurich.
  • The customer is informed about important matters such as waste disposal, infrastructure etc.


  • Up to three months after the move-in, Viscaria Leemann & Partner helps to solve its customer’s problems.
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