Living in Switzerland is all about security, political stability, clean lakes, beautiful mountains, and above all, a high standard of living. Most people consider a perfect home to be the major contributor for a high standard of living. Unfortunately, a perfect home is not always easy to find, and often proves to be a rather complex and time-consuming task.

Viscaria Leemann & Partner offers its services and expertise to facilitate the “perfect home search” process. The company was created to satisfy the needs and wants of international and national customers by creating a link between the customer’s desires and the existing market offer, consequently saving time and money.

The Viscaria Leemann & Partner team has access to a large network of information and has the ability to negotiate in different languages. Due to its long-term experience and high professionalism, Viscaria Leemann & Partner is regarded today to be one of the most successful relocation companies in the Zurich real estate market.

We are proud of our work and that our customers can always rely on us in any aspect of our partnership.

If our service sounds convincing to you, we would be delighted to welcome you as our customer!


First contact from our side

  1. You explain us what kind of apartment you want (size, price, requirements, etc.).
  2. We will search for apartments with your requirements.
  3. If we find suitable apartments we will contact you for arranging a visiting date.
  4. We will pick you up and join you on a house hunting tour.
  5. If you like one of the apartments we will inscribe you for an interested lessee.
  6. If you get the apartment we will take care of the rent contract, different inscriptions (authority, telephone, TV etc.) and insurance questions.
  7. We also offer you an awareness trip. On this trip you will learn the most important things about Zurich, its different shopping areas and good places for the nightlife.
  8. 1.We also explain you how you have to pay your bills (post office) and how the trains and trams work. If you have more questions please dont hesitate to ask!

We wish you a wonderful stay in Zurich!